About Me

Birger SvantesonMy name is Birger Svanteson and I live in Södertälje, near Stockholm in Sweden. My photographing is based on autodidactic studies of photographing as art, academic studies and other courses.

I have been taking photos fore more than 40 years and Gotska Sandön in Baltic Sea, has been my source of inspiration. 1984 I hade my first exhibition about USA in black and white. It was shown in Södertälje, Motala, Nykvarn and Lund.

In 1989 I hade my first exhibition about Gotska Sandön in black and white. “Fritt ur sand”, poetry from Gotska Sandön. The exhibition was shown in Södertälje, Visby, Vadstena and five librarys in Stockholm.

In 2001 I hade my latest work from Gotska Sandön. This exhibition was shown in Visby, Nynäshamn and Stockholm.

2001 my second exhibition, a photo poetic exposé in color of Gotska Sandön – Tree – Sand – Water was exhibited at the Art Museum in Visby, Nynäshamn and Sjöhistoriska museum in Stockholm.

The third exhibition of Gotska Sandön I named, I mina mellanrum på Gotska Sandön (my space in between on G0tska Sandön). It was first exhibited 2011 in Eksjö museum, The Art Museum in Visby and in Nynäshamn and 2012 the Town hall in Södertälje and Gallery Kretsen in Södertälje.

In November 2012 I participated in a bienal in Yokohama and Tokyo with photos in black and white. In September 2013 my exhibition was shown in a gallery in Leipzig – Germany.

2009 I made a DVD about Gotska Sandön. 2012 my book about Gotska Sandön was published.

If you are interested in my pictures you can call me on: +46736924865.